Behavioral health therapy offered at New Life Counseling Services utilizes sound psychological theory integrated with Biblical truth. Since there is often some confusion about what integration consists of, we believe all truth is God’s truth whether it comes through the written Word of God or through men who have graciously stumbled upon it. We believe as long as it does not contradict what God has already provided through his word, we believe it is available for our use. Therefore, we interpret science through theology. Walking into New Life Counseling Services, you will notice the attention to detail in the waiting rooms and therapy rooms in order to make your time with us a beneficial experience. Each therapist will provide the necessary therapeutic approach to assist you with your current concerns.








We utilize the following formats to provide the most effective therapies:

  • Talk Therapy– Intentionally focused conversation towards insight leading to personal growth
  • Sandtray Therapy– Utilizing objects to aide in self expression
  • Experiential & Psychodrama – Learning through doing and experiencing
  • Play – Accessing a child’s heart through the child’s way of expressing
  • Whiteboards: Diagrams, Illustrations, Metaphors, and Examples – Developing insight thr0ugh visual and illustrative elements

Some of the life difficulties we address include:

  • Mood disorders which include depression
  • Anxiety which such as OCD, phobias, separation, panic, etc
  • Adjustment disorders involve difficulties in life causing insurmountable stress
  • Sexual and gender identity difficulties
  • Personality management
  • Relationship dynamics
  • Individual separation and divorce recovery
  • Family dynamics
  • Child conduct and behavioral issues
  • Self injury
  • Job loss and career/vocation exploration
  • Developing personal self control
  • Developing sexual purity