Peaceful Meditation

One of the approaches that I have found to be quite helpful for people who deal with anxiety and stress related disorders is to engage in five to ten minutes of quiet and peaceful meditation. It can be as simple as breathing and centering on a favorite verse, poem or prayer. What follows is a brief meditation that you can use at any time. It might be helpful to record it (first person) and then listen to it as you sit back and close your eyes. 
This time is for you. “Good things come to those who wait.” Be of good cheer, content in the present moment. Notice what you are grateful for. Breathe in… slowly, deeply, feel your lungs expanding, exhaling and letting go. Let yourself enter into His Presence, into His Peace. “Be still” and know that He is God. He is sovereign and fully able to meet all your needs. Breathe in again, deeply, fully, take a cleansing breath– let go of worry, fear, pain, shame, false guilt, resentment– let it all go. Offer it to Him and receive freedom in exchange. Now, choose your verse, poem or prayer for this moment. Repeat it slowly in your mind. Take in each word and allow a soothing image to rise up as you reflect on what you are saying. After a while, the words will fade away and you can simply stay in a quiet, centered place, embraced by His love. Bask in it…enjoy it…
Slowly, come back, open your eyes and be aware of that feeling of renewal and refreshment. Take this experience with you as you face your day.

By Rosa Cabezas Fetterman, Psy.D.
                                                                                                                                                                    RCF 2015

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