How to Get the Most Out of Your Counseling Sessions

Learning and change requires intentional thought, choice and action.  Counseling sessions are the perfect place and time to discover new and different ways to “do life”.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained!   Taking on the risk of change can produce great results. Bring your open mind to your sessions for the best results.

When things don’t feel right, or aren’t working, it is usually a sign that it’s time to investigate what is going on in our lives and what might need to change. Counseling is a good place to process the now and explore the options. Be ready to share your what, when, where and how thoughts, so your counselor has all the information available to guide you in discovering your best direction.

It takes a while for new thoughts and behaviors to settle in and become your own.  A good way to approach change is to think of it as a life experiment. Everything we try doesn’t always work, but it can be a step toward finding the direction that is right for you.  If you try something different, and after a reasonable time, it just isn’t working for you . . . that’s OK.  It isn’t a sign of failure.  You have to try on a lot of shoes to find that “just right” pair. Your life is no different and certainly deserves your time and energy. Try on those new ideas and see which ones are the best fit for you.

Proverbs 13: Ignore the Word and suffer; honor God’s commands and grow rich. (The Message)  Throughout your life and counseling sessions, consider first the counsel of God.  At New Life we are interested in your journey and relationship with God, and want to honor what he is speaking into your life. When you feel it’s appropriate, share your God experience, so we can understand how you believe he is guiding, and work with you to discern his will in your life.

The actual sessions are only a part of the counseling process.  Thinking about what challenges you and what you believe, is where the real changes take place.  Take the time between your sessions to think about the discussion. Bring your thoughts back to your Counselor so you can think about them together.  Two heads are better than one!

We at New Life are dedicated to making your time with us quality time.  We look forward to joining you in your discoveries about you, your relationships, and God’s purpose and direction for your life.

By Robin Wise

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