Barely Holding On

I meet with parents all the time who have come to the end of the rope with their children. They are barely holding on. They’ve read all the books. They’ve listened to all the teachings They’ve tried EVERYTHING But still can’t seem to find their joy in parenting Their kids … Continue reading

Stages of Grief

The grief journey is comprised of stages. Grief affects us in various ways but we generally pass through at least some of the stages. When the loss first occurs, we tend to resist the loss and may experience shock, numbness, confusion, tears, denial, anger and some physical changes especially in … Continue reading

Peaceful Meditation

One of the approaches that I have found to be quite helpful for people who deal with anxiety and stress related disorders is to engage in five to ten minutes of quiet and peaceful meditation. It can be as simple as breathing and centering on a favorite verse, poem or … Continue reading

Technology & Electronics

“Do not raise your children the way your parents raised you. They were born for a different time.” Ali bin Abi Taleb I would not recommend overgeneralizing any proverb, especially this one.  There may be many things your parents did well and some things you would strive to do differently … Continue reading

Post-Holiday Blues

 The holiday season has come to a close. The lights and decorations are packed away, the parties and gatherings have concluded and all that was anticipated is past. Even if the holidays brought you all that you desired you may notice that you are feeling sad. Many people experience what … Continue reading

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